Interview With Luke Tan 8/29/2019 – VegHealth Institute

Last night I had a great discussion with Luke Tan, a plant-based fitness expert and I am excited to share the highlight reel with you.

He shared what it was like going from eating 1kg of meat a day as a bodybuilder to adopting a vegan diet overnight.

The experience taught him an entirely new (and much healthier!) way to fuel his body, which he now teaches as a highly sought-after coach — from the average Joe to the fitness model.

He sheds light on the following:

  1. The common confusions around protein needs for building strength
  2. Unique tips for people trying to lose those last few pounds
  3. Suggestions for people wanting to put on weight and muscle
  4. How to optimize your energy levels

You can watch the highlight reel of the Q&A right here!

My favorite quote from the interview – “Once you combine a plant based diet and fitness you become a superhero!”

Luke is helping us all become superheros with the Plant Fit Summit that is airing for free this Friday (be sure to register here for The Plant Fit Summit).

Luke interviews leading experts in nutrition, training, mindset, and fitness and takes a holistic approach that you won’t see in other summits.

You’ll meet Olympic, record-setting athletes who are thriving on a plant-based diet and learn how to apply their most effective strategies to your own goals.

Plus, you’ll hear from world-class coaches and chefs to help you implement all the advice.

This event is tailored to everyone wanting to experience optimal “superhero” health and is not just for the athletes. It is all about helping you thrive, whether you’re an athlete or you simply want to wake up energized every day!

Check out the full expert line-up here and save your spot!

To your vibrant health,


P.S. I can’t wait for the interview with Dr. Doug Lisle on the psychology of change, how to get yourself to do what you know you should! Register here so you can catch it too!

Q&A with Kayli Dice 7-31-2019

Source: Interview With Luke Tan 8/29/2019 – VegHealth Institute

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The MedChefs – Updated


imageedit_15_5293978985.png  MedChef is an organization of healthcare students and professionals who are committed to fighting preventable diseases through learning the art of plant-based cooking and sharing that knowledge with the community.

Presented in a series of private cooking classes called The MedChef’s Kitchen, healthcare students and professionals learn the importance for providers to pursue personal health and become role models to their community. In this organization, we strive to change the landscape of a patient’s health through our example.

We were honored to host a presentation by Alexis at our September 9 Plant Strong Club meeting and her father was kind enough to create a video and post it to YouTube: . Facebook page:


Hi! I’m Alexis Jae Brown and am currently in school to become a medical physician and obtain my masters in Public Health, but I’m also a plant-based foodie and self proclaimed MedChef! 

My Story

I have been eating a pescatarian diet (that’s no meat other than fish) for over 12 years and after years of cooking classes, internships and old-fashioned experimentation, I’ve learned so much about preparing mostly plant-based meals. As I’ve experienced better health personally and started medical school, I decided to base my future career on bettering the health of my patients with not just medications but through an emphasis on lifestyle changes (i.e. diet, exercise, and stress management).

The Aha! Moment

I started the MedChef organization after realizing many of my fellow med school peers were intrigued by my mostly plant-based lifestyle and had desires of their own to begin a more healthful life. I then began inviting classmates into my kitchen to learn how to prepare simple meals easily and on a budget.

How We’ve Evolved

Interest in these private cooking classes increased so much that I called it The MedChef’s Kitchen and made it an official reoccurring cooking series which includes workshops led by healthcare professionals, hands on cooking demonstrations, culinary tips and more!

Who We Serve

The MedChef’s Kitchen cooking series has a target audience of current and budding healthcare professionals who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle. However, the lessons learned in the kitchen are meant to share with the community.

What We Offer

On this site, you will find the recipes that have been created with people leading a busy schedule in mind.

Continue: Home | The MedChef’s Kitchen

UAMS Mindfulness Program

Welcome to the UAMS Mindfulness Program!

Thank you for your interest in the Mindfulness program. We encourage you to carefully consider participating in this unique and life-changing program. The courses are designed to introduce Mindfulness meditation practice as a way of reducing stress and developing greater balance, control and fuller participation in your life. Mindfulness is a way of learning to relate directly to whatever is happening in your life including the challenges of stress, pain, illness, and everyday demands.

We are dedicated to teaching mindfulness and supporting the growth of mindfulness-based resources in our community. We are actively seeking additional ways to share mindfulness as a healing resource for people throughout our community, and we appreciate your help and support in bringing this work to those it might not reach otherwise.

All classes are open to everyone and we hope you will join us!

Source: UAMS Mindfulness Program