Where Do Deadly Coronaviruses Like MERS CoV Come From? – Dr. Michael Greger

In the last 17 years, there have been three new deadly coronavirus epidemics, but where do emerging diseases emerge from?


This is the first in a 17-video series on pandemics and COVID-19. You may have seen these in my recent free webinar, but if you didn’t, they’ll be rolling out on the site over the next several weeks, AND you can get a free download of the entire series here right now.

Here is the whole series:

  1. Where Do Deadly Coronaviruses Like MERS-CoV Come From?
  2. The SARS Coronavirus and Wet Markets
  3. Where Did the COVID-19 Coronavirus Come From?
  4. The Last Coronavirus Pandemic May Have Been Caused by Livestock
  5. R0 and Incubation Periods: How Other Coronavirus Outbreaks Were Stopped
  6. Social Distancing, Lockdowns & Testing: How to Slow the COVID-19 Pandemic
  7. COVID-19 Symptoms vs. the Flu, a Cold or Allergies
  8. Modifiable Risk Factors and Comorbidities for Severe COVID-19 Infection
  9. The Immune System and COVID-19 Treatment
  10. Would Zinc Lozenges Help with COVID-19?
  11. How to Avoid COVID-19
  12. Hand Washing & Sanitizing to Inactivate COVID-19 Coronavirus
  13. What to Do if You Come Down with COVID-19
  14. The Best Mask or DIY Face Covering for COVID-19
  15. How COVID-19 Ends: Vaccination, Mutations, and Herd Immunity
  16. The COVID-19 Pandemic May Just Be a Dress Rehearsal
  17. How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

You can also find this information and even more in my new book, How to Survive a Pandemic (all proceeds are donated to charity). With my How Not to Diet book tour suspended, the COVID-19 crisis allowed me an opportunity to draw on my past expertise in infectious disease to fast-track this new book.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve put up a resource page all about COVID-19 with videos, links to my pandemic blog post and special Q&A sessions, my DIY hand sanitizer recipe, and more. Check it out here.

If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my videos for free by clicking here.

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