ANNOUNCING: Brand New Tool for Vaccine Truth! | by Del Bigtree |

Dear Friend,

Misinformation and disinformation about Covid 19, Covid 19 vaccines, and vaccines in general are everywhere.

And people are so busy…and so distracted.
So how do you and I reach them with the facts in a way that’s easy to approach, easy to understand, and won’t take up a lot of their time?
The answer is to Get Factsinated!

Get Factsinated! Is a brand new campaign we’re launching here at The HighWire.

Our short, fact-filled videos will feature the world’s leading experts on #Covid19, vaccines, and everything in between. And you can share these videos anywhere, including on social media.

We will be adding new videos every week for you to share, download, and post to your favorite social media platforms.

Go to this link for all the latest videos!

Thank you!

Be Brave!

Del Bigtree, CEO & Founder
Informed Consent Action Network
The HighWire (

P.S. Friend, will you help us reach as many people as we can with the facts they need to hear? Please contribute to support our critical Get Factsinated! Campaign and other life-saving efforts here at The HighWire.

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