Hospitals with 100 Percent Plant-Based Menus | Dr. Michael Greger |

The American Medical Association has passed a resolution encouraging healthy plant-based food options be available in hospitals.

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Globally, 11 million deaths are attributable to dietary factors each year, “placing poor diet ahead of any other risk factor for death in the world.” Given that diet is our leading killer, you’d think it would be emphasized in medical school, but there is a deficiency of nutrition education in medical training. A systematic review found that despite the centrality of nutrition to healthy lifestyle, graduating medical students are not supported through their education to provide the necessary care.

It could start in undergrad. What’s more important—learning about humanity’s leading killer, or organic chemistry?

In medical school, students may average only 19 total hours of nutrition out of thousands of hours of instruction, and they’re not even being taught what’s most useful. How many cases of scurvy or beriberi (diseases of dietary deficiency) will they encounter in clinical practice? In contrast, how many of their future patients will be suffering from dietary excesses—obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease? Those are probably a little more common. More than nine out of 10 of cardiologists surveyed believe that their role includes personally providing patients with at least basic nutrition information, yet less than one in 10 feel they have an expert grasp on the subject.

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