Your Daily VegInspiration: Reducing Our Intelligence | Dr. Will Tuttle | 11/19/21

Consumerism, Pornography, and Disconnectedness

Cultivating awareness, we can transcend the imposed view that animals are mere food objects. With this, we will see consumerism, pornography, and the disconnectedness that leads inexorably to slavery and self-destruction evaporate.

The Birth of a New Consciousness

The contemporary vegan movement is founded on loving-kindness and mindfulness of our effects on others. It is revolutionary because it transcends and renounces the violent core of the herding culture in which we live. It is founded on living the truth of interconnectedness and thereby consciously minimizing the suffering we impose on animals, humans, and biosystems; it frees us all from the slavery of becoming mere commodities. It signifies the birth of a new consciousness, the resurrection of intelligence and compassion, and the basic rejection of cruelty and domination. It is our only real hope for the future of our species because it addresses the cause rather than being concerned merely with effects.

We Want Transformation

It’s funny how we want transformation without having to change! Yet the fundamental transformation called for today requires the most fundamental change—a change in our relationship to food and to animals, which will cause a change in our behavior.

Farming Animals

Farming animals is simply a refined and perverse form of predation in which the animals are confined before being attacked and killed. It doesn’t stop with animals, however. As we all know in our bones, there is a predatory quality to our economic system, and competition underlies all our institutions.

In Our Churches

In our churches, ministers often speak about the tragedy of loving things and using people, when we must instead love people and use things. After the services, people eat meals in which animals have become things to be used, not loved. This action, ritually repeated, propels us into using people just as we use animals—as things.

Reducing Our Intelligence

Instead of reducing our intelligence and compassion by denying and destroying the intelligence and purpose of animals, we could celebrate, honor, and appreciate the immense diversity of intelligences, beauties, abilities, and gifts that animals possess and contribute to our world.

We could liberate ourselves by liberating them and allowing them to fulfill the purposes that their particular intelligences yearn for. We could respect their lives and treat them with kindness. Our awareness and compassion would flourish, bringing more love and wisdom into our relationships with each other.

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Dear friends,
More than ever, it seems that the vegan message of compassion for all, and respect for the sovereignty of both animals and humans, is of critical importance. It is essential to connect with our inner resources of wisdom in the face of the conflicting and deceptive narratives with which we are continually bombarded. Thank you for questioning, and living your life as an adventure of discovery!
In this spirit of adventure, Madeleine and I will be starting our World Awakening Lecture Tour with a presentation in San Luis Obispo on Friday, a double event in L.A . on Saturday on Zen Keys to Healthy Living and Vegan Spirituality, and an afternoon workshop in Orange County on Shifting Reality on Sunday. We also have presentation events coming up in Phoenix and in Austin and southern Alabama on the way to Florida. The Sunshine State will be our primary winter destination where we will be speaking at the Sarasota VegFest in early December. There are a number of other VegFests in Florida this winter where we will be presenting, as well as at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. Please see our schedule of Upcoming Events for all the details.
We are dedicating this tour to the spirit of my dear mother, Beverlie Tuttle, who passed away peacefully in her sleep on November 10 at the age of 93 at the home of my sister Laura and her husband Kevin in the Orlando area. My mother had been vegan for over fifteen years, which was a great blessing to her, and spent many years as a missionary living in and serving one of the toughest neighborhoods in north Philadelphia before retiring to Florida in her eighties. As the Orthodox tradition says, “May her memory be eternal.”
Many people have told me that our guided meditation CD, World Peace Meditations: An 8-Fold Path for Opening Hearts, has been healing and illuminating during these times. As a Thanksgiving gift to you, our dear extended family, we’d like to offer it to you for just $5 for the complete 72-minute download of meditations (for the next 2 weeks only, through the end of November). Click here – Enjoy!
Our appreciation to the dedicated people at Vegan Linked for creating two recent YouTube videos highlighting our work. One is Dr. Will Tuttle’s Story & Perspectives. The other is Madeleine Tuttle’s Story, Insight, and Perspectives. These videos are a helpful way to share the world-peace vegan message with others.
Finally, we have another way to share the message – our new vegan car magnets, which we have on both sides of the little camper van we converted and which we’ll be living in for the next several months. They are bright, durable, beautiful, and a creative way to plant seeds and start friendly conversations (which we have seen many times.)  Order discount (bottom of page).
Our Worldwide Vegan Summit for Truth and Freedom Telegram group is flourishing, and there is a dedicated team of people translating the videos into other languages as well. We continue to get positive feedback about the presentations and the VIP Package that provides recordings and transcripts of this landmark online event for health freedom and vegan living.
That’s it for now!
Rather than wish that there were fewer challenges, we yearn for greater clarity to respond to ever greater challenges! The ship of our life was not built to be “safe” in a sheltered harbor, but to forge far out into the deep oceans to explore, to take risks, to learn, to grow, to contribute, to love, to create, and to exult in the boundless possibilities available to us on this bountiful Earth.
May we keep shining our light and may our joy and healing kindness be profoundly contagious!

With gratitude and love,
Will & Madeleine
Dr. Will Tuttle
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