BILLION DOLLAR KAISER — Peggy to the Rescue | Peggy Hall |

We know they’re watching, yes they are.

And how do we know? A few days ago, detective Peggy shared some interesting facts about Kaiser while digging through public information; one of them being that Kaiser is registered as a non-profit organization and another one being the late CEO of this non-profit organization was reporting a salary of 16 MILLION (yes, million) dollars a year before passing away in 2019. How does this sit with you?

It gets even better. Peggy published the first video Billion Dollar Kaiser, on January 23rd and two days later by the 25th, the information she had shared had been scrubbed! Hence the title of the follow up video – Hello, Kaiser. Is this suspicious? What do you think, friends?

Watch the two videos here and decide for yourself and let us know what you think. And if you want to learn about your religious rights under Title 7 and how to exercise them under any employment setting, join us in our concierge program as Peggy and Pastor David teach our hundreds of thousands of Healthy Americans how to take this imperative stand against mental degradation that’s plaguing the country.

XOXO – Nari, editor in chief


Dear Peggy!

I don’t even know how to thank YOU!! One of my best friends sent me one of your videos a couple months back in hopes of helping my son be able to continue attending in-person lab and classes at a local community college. We bought your most basic package and watched your videos. What you taught us has changed our world. After submitting his religious exemption letter, it was granted! We almost cried, we were/are so grateful!! But it didn’t stop there. One of my dear friends who is a Kaiser nurse was about to lose her job. My son, daughter, and I jumped in and helped her write her own religious exemption letter using the skills and knowledge we had learned from you. She initially received a “provisional approval” as you know and had to respond within 3 days. So, we decided that this was the time to go all out. In 11 hours we tailored a 2 page letter in response to their questions and then let our faith take over. I happened to check my email at an unusual time the following day and saw that you were doing a livestream for Kaiser employees. I pretty much did cry as I listened to you and was thinking, “YES!!!! We said that!! YES!!! And we said that!!” and so on. You instilled confidence in us and lo and behold, my friend received her approval which is “valid until further notice.” She can keep her job after working at Kaiser for almost 14 years and continue to support her 2 children. I know we’re just a couple of grains of sand on the beach of everyone you’ve helped but in our eyes, “the worth of a soul is great in the sight of God.” Thank you from the depths of my heart for helping me help my son and my friend and quite possibly my daughter and my husband when the fight comes to our door again. You are an angel. Thank you for speaking up, teaching us all down here in the ranks, and for helping us all come together in our testimonies of God and our freedoms. There really are more that are with us than against us. God Bless You and we will continue to fight and spread the word.

-K. L.