Bioweapon Bonanza: Moderna Gets Full FDA Approval for SPIKEVAX | BY DR. JANE RUBY FEBRUARY 7, 2022

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On today’s episode of the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane breaks open the FDA’s approval of the Moderna mRNA bioweapon now known by its brand name, “Spikevax” and shows you how arrogant these companies are in their “in your face” presentations that tell you they know best and they will be modifying your God-given genetic material which they “hope” will treat disease, while ignoring the soaring death rates from their poisons. In segment 2 Dr. Jane interviews a man who was taken unconscious from a car crash scene to Flagstaff Medical Center and woke up on a ventilator. In the last segment Dr. Jane reveals how children forced to wear masks everyday suffer physically, emotionally and developmentally.