Your Daily VegInspiration: Our Shared Consciousness-Field | Dr. Will Tuttle | 2-14-22 – 2-20-22

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All cultures naturally propagate themselves – 2-14-22

All cultures naturally propagate themselves through their various institutions, and ours is no different. Our scientific, religious, governmental, educational, and economic institutions all reflect the same underlying mentality and reinforce it, which is why veganism is so strenuously resisted, and also why it is so urgently needed as well.

When our motivation is based on compassion 2-15-22

If our only motivation for not eating animal foods is our own health, it’s easy to “cheat” a little here and there and pretty soon go back to eating them again. When our motivation is based on compassion, it is deep and lasting, because we understand that our actions have direct consequences on others who are vulnerable.

Perpetrators and Victims… 2-16-22

Looking deeply, we see that the perpetrators are themselves victims of violence—that’s why they’ve become perpetrators—and their violence hurts not only the animals but themselves and the bystanders as well. All three are locked in a painful embrace, and it is the bystanders who have the real power. They can either turn and look away, thus giving their tacit approval, or they can witness and bring a third dimension of consciousness and awareness to the cycle of violence that has the victims and perpetrators hopelessly enmeshed.

Our Greatest Joy… – 2-17-22

Our greatest joy comes in helping others and blessing them, and we hurt ourselves the most when we harm others for our own gain.

The Web of Relationships – 2-18-22

With awareness, our behavior naturally changes, and individual changes in behavior, rippling through the web of relationships, can lead to social transformation and bring new dimensions of freedom, joy, and creativity to everyone. It all begins with our most intimate and far-reaching connection with the natural order, our most primary spiritual symbol, and our most fundamental social ritual: eating.

Our Circle of Compassion – 2-19-22

As our hearts open to deeper understanding, our circle of compassion thus automatically enlarges, and spontaneously begins to include more and more ‘others.’ Not just our own tribe, sect, nation, or race, but all human beings, and not just humans, but other mammals, and birds, fish, forests, and the whole beautifully-interwoven tapestry of living, pulsing creation. All of Us.

Our Shared Consciousness-Field – 2-20-22

The pollution of our shared consciousness-field by the dark agonies endured by billions of animals killed for food is an unrecognized fact that impedes our social progress and contributes gigantically to human violence and the warfare that is constantly erupting around the world.

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