Plant-Based Quercetin recommended by David Avocado Wolfe |

This Plant-Based Quercetin is formulated with an enhanced phytosome delivery method that increases your body’s ability to absorb active Quercetin up to 20 times higher than standard quercetin.

“I first became aware of the incredible bio-distribution of quercetin in edible plants throughout Nature by researching its special qualities as a yellow pigment. Quercetin is found in practically every plant food you have ever eaten! In addition, quercetin allows through (into the interior of plant cells) 380 nm of the spectrum of light which has important DNA nourishing qualities. Quercetin is now confirmed to be the primary active ingredient St. John’s Wort.

Other than St. John’s Wort, capers and onions are unusually rich in quercetin. Although well known for its positive effects on respiratory health and against allergies, quercetin may yet prove to become one of the most important neutralizers of spike protein.” ~ David Wolfe

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