The More Oxygen You Have In Your Body, The Less Disease You’re Going To Have – Anna Maria Clement, PhD | The Real Truth About Health 

Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., L.N.

• Book – Healthful Cuisine: Accessing the Lifeforce Within You Through Raw and Living Foods

Anna Maria Clement, PhD, L.N. Is co-Director of Hippocrates Health Institute. For more than 40 years Anna Maria Clement has been an international leader in the progressive health movement. Prior to coming to the United States to join Hippocrates, she was the Director of Sweden’s Brandal Health Center in Stockholm, an internationally recognized and highly regarded center for health recovery. She was also a member of the Natural Health Care Coalition, a government supported effort in unifying the field of complementary health care in her native Sweden. Anna joined Hippocrates at its original location in Boston and brought a refreshing European approach to wellness. Her maternal ways rounded out the edges of Brian’s straightforward approach and the powerhouse couple has proudly led the Institute to the notoriety it receives today. Anna Maria Clement is the author of several books on the application of natural health methods in family and children’s care that include; Health & Healing, Healthful Cuisine, 7 Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality, and Killer Clothes. In her newly released book, The Power of a Woman, Anna Maria Clement helps to nurture our individual paths by sharing the experiences of great leaders and role models. She unwraps through each chapter how our power is affected by attitude, confidence, and belief in become a true leader ourselves. Anna Maria speaks seven languages and lectures extensively around the globe employing a style uniquely her own, a down-to earth, sensible approach in teaching practical methods that people can comfortably incorporate in their own lives. She is the mother of four children and grandmother of four, whose perfect health is a tribute to her and the Hippocrates lifestyle. #AnnaMariaClement #TheRealTruthAboutHealth #WholeFood #Vegan #Vegetarian #PlantBasedNutrition CLICK HERE – To Checkout Our MEMBERSHIP CLUB:

Let’s get to the root: There is no proof of SARS-CoV-2 | Alec Zeck | The Way Forward

To the freedom-fighting virus pushers: If we don’t start addressing the root of the lie, we will be playing this game forever

Apr 29, 2022

First, I would like to start with this— appeals to authority are not scientific evidence. Because “insert expert says so” is not evidence. Logical fallacies do not take the place of scientific evidence that strictly adheres to the scientific method. I don’t care about your credentials— evidence that adheres to the scientific method is what matters.

When I ask for *one* paper in which a virus was isolated, purified, characterized, and sequenced directly from the fluids of sick host and not as a result of a cell culture, understand I’m asking for foundational evidence for the existence of a virus.

Virologists presuppose that there is a virus present in the fluids that are presented to the cell culture (alongside DMEM, fetal bovine serum, amphotericin B/gentamicin, etc.), and assume that the virus in the snot is causing the cell to experience the cytopathic effect.

They have never established that a virus is present inside the fluids of a sick host, first, and second, have never taken said virus from the fluids and presented it to a healthy host to see if it causes disease.

Every electron micrograph image of what virologists refer to as a virus is a result of a cell culture experiment.

When asked to provide one single paper that shows a virus isolated, purified, characterized and sequenced directly from the fluids of a sick host (which they cannot provide), virologists, immunologists, etc. respond with some of the following answers:

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Diet Extends Lifespan For People Who Have Cancer | Joel Fuhrman, Dale Bredesen, Joel Kahn | The Real Truth About Health

Diet Extends Lifespan For People Who Have Cancer – Joel Fuhrman, Dale Bredesen, Joel Kahn, Kim Williams

• Author: Joel Fuhrman, M.D., | Book – The End of Heart Disease: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

• Website:

• Author: Dale Bredesen, M.D., | Book – End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

• Website:…

• Presenter: Kim Williams, M.D.

• Website:…

• Author: Joel Kahn M.D., | Book – The Plant-Based Solution: America’s Healthy Heart Doc’s Plan to Power Your Health

• Website: #TheRealTruthAboutHealth #WholeFood #Vegan #Vegetarian #PlantBasedNutrition


Is Raw Food Better Than Cooked Food? |  David Wolfe | The Real Truth About Health

David Wolfe


• Book – The Beauty Diet: Unlock the Five Secrets of Ageless Beauty from the Inside Out

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity multiverse. The World’s top CEOs, ambassadors, celebrities, athletes, artists, and the real superheroes of our world—Moms—all look to David for expert advice in health, energy, peak performance, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and chocolate! David’s nutrition work with Novak Djokovic helped return him to #1 in Men’s Tennis. Actor Woody Harrelson and David have worked together for 20 years.

David is the co-developer of one of the world’s leading kitchen appliances: the NutriBullet™. Over the years, his innovative line of superfood, superherb and organic products have transformed health food stores and grocery departments all over the world.

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My Visit to Local Farms that Kill Animals but Claim to Be “Humane” | by Judy McCoy Carman |

This is my latest article for the Kansas Sierra Club Planet Kansas, reporting on my visit to three local farms that claim to be “humane.”  What I found, sadly. but not surprisingly, was a total lack of ethical concern for the animals themselves.  Using and killing is justified if it makes money and pleases the human beings, according to the farmers I interviewed.   

Sierra Club Planet Kansas, Winter, 2015/16, Issue

Eating as Though the Earth Matters column

Sierra Club Encourages Plant-Based Diet,

But What About Local “Humane” Farms? 

In the film “Cowspiracy,” which I mentioned in my fall column, the evidence became clear that so-called “humane” farms, as opposed to factory farms, will not and cannot help prevent further environmental destruction. Some of the farmers who were interviewed in the film agreed. If all animals were raised in such a way that they are not painfully confined, and if people continued to consume animal products at the current rate, there simply is not enough land on the planet to pasture the billions of animals and grow their feed. And when we consider the rate at which the human population is growing, the situation is dire indeed for both people and all animals, both wild and domestic.

In response to the threat of animal agriculture, whether factory or “free-range”, our Sierra Club has published the following statement in the Sierra Club Agriculture and Food Policy ( “Personal dietary choices that minimize or eliminate meat and animal products should be encouraged due to their many benefits, including reducing greenhouse gas impacts, water pollution and inhumane treatment of animals.” Of course, we know that those are just a few of the dreadful effects of animal agriculture.   To that short list, we can add desertification, rainforest destruction, assassination of rainforest protectors, air pollution, oceanic dead zones, wildlife habitat destruction, indigenous peoples’ home and land destruction, species extinction, and human hunger and starvation, to name just a few.

Many socially and ecologically conscious people now opt for “free-range,” “humane,” labels, not realizing that, not only are most of the labels false, but also, if indeed the animals really are raised with some amount of room to turn around, the earth is not big enough to pasture that many animals.

Nevertheless, I wanted to be able to see some of these “free-range” farms with my own eyes.   So I took part in the 2015 Kaw Valley Farm Tour in October of this year. The first stop was the Iwig Dairy in Tecumseh. They sell milk, butter, and ice cream made from their herd of 65 milk cows. Obviously conscientious, the Iwigs, sell their milk in recyclable, BPA free, glass bottles. In spite of the vast research linking dairy products to obesity, early onset of puberty, osteoporosis, etc., they claim their products are healthy, and they seem to love what they do.

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Your Daily VegInspiration: Seeing our eating habits for what they are | Dr. Will Tuttle | 4-25-22 – 5-1-22

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Wonderful news! – 4-25-22

This is the wonderful news! Each and every one of us can help transform our culture in the most effective way possible: by switching to a plant-based diet for ethical reasons and encouraging others to do the same. This is veganism, which is a mentality and lifestyle of radical inclusion and compassion, and it is the antidote to our culture’s sickness, going to the hidden root of our dilemmas. It is the beckoning revolution that will make peace, sustainability, and heaven actually possible on this Earth. It’s wonderful, because it is not difficult! Anyone can go vegan today and help transform our world with every meal. We can each be the change we want to see in the world and bring forth the benevolent transformation we all yearn for in our hearts.

The garden of life or the altar of death – 4-26-22

The choice is set before us at every meal between the garden of life or the altar of death and as we choose life and eat grains and vegetables rather than flesh, milk, and eggs, we find our joy rising, our health increasing, our spirit deepening, our mind quickening, our feelings softening, and our creativity flourishing.

The only ones among you who will find happiness – 4-27-22

We can transform this culture we live in, and which lives in us, by transforming our own motivations and exemplifying this to others. We owe this to the animals. In the end, we are not separate from others, and we each have a critical piece to the great puzzle of cultural awakening to contribute, and our success and fulfillment depend on each of us discovering this piece and presenting it persistently. As Albert Schweitzer said, “One thing I know. The only ones among you who will find happiness are those who have sought, and found, how to serve.”

Beauty, magic, delight, and blessedness – 4-28-22

From one grain spring hundreds, thousands, and millions of grains, each of which has the same potential. How do we respond to this existential exuberance of life bursting with more life? Our response depends on our food!
Universally, we feel a sense of wonder and joy upon entering a lovingly tended organic garden. It exudes beauty, magic, delight, and blessedness, and we instinctively feel grateful and blessed in the presence of the gifts we receive so freely from forces that accomplish what we can never do: bring forth new life from seeds, roots, and stems. And universally, we are repulsed by the violence and sheer horror and ugliness that are always required to kill animals for food, and at a deep cultural level, we feel ashamed of our relentless violence against animals for our meals.

We have cast ourselves out of the garden – 4-29-22

Because of herding animals, we have cast ourselves out of the garden into the rat race of competition and consumerism, ashamed of ourselves. It is this low self-esteem that drives the profits of corporations enriching themselves on our insatiable craving for gadgets, drugs, and entertainment to help us forget what we know in our hearts, and to cover over the moans of the animals entombed in our flesh.

Eating like predators 4-30-22

By confining and killing animals for food, we have brought violence into our bodies and minds and disturbed the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of our selves in deep and intractable ways. Our meals require us to eat like predators and thus to see ourselves as such, cultivating and justifying predatory behaviors and institutions that are the antithesis of the inclusiveness and kindness that accompany spiritual growth.

Seeing our eating habits for what they are – 5-1-22

Seeing our eating habits for what they are, and answering the call of our spirit to understand the consequences of our actions, we become open to compassion, intelligence, freedom, and to living the truth of our interconnectedness with all life.

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Why Do Hospitals And Schools Serve Foods With Animal Products? – Melanie Joy, PhD | The Real Truth About Health

Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M.

• Book – Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism

Dr. Melanie Joy is a Harvard-educated psychologist, celebrated speaker, and the author of six books, including the award-winning Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows; Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters; Powerarchy: Understanding the Psychology of Oppression for Social Transformation; and Getting Relationships Right. Dr. Joy is the eighth recipient of the Ahimsa Award – previously given to the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela – for her work on global nonviolence. Her work has been featured in major media outlets around the world, including the BBC, ABC Australia, NPR, and the New York Times, and she has given talks and trainings in nearly 50 countries. Dr. Joy is also the founding president of You can learn more about her work at #MelanieJoy #ClimateChange #Diet #Pandemics #Nutrition #TheRealTruthAboutHealth


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Vaccine Adverse Events Are Being Deleted In Staggering Numbers For The 2nd Week In A Row On VAERS [VIDEO] | BY | April 25, 2022

VAERS sets another back-to-back weekly record for DELETED REPORTS. They deleted 1702 reports this week! Including ~63 DEATH reports now memory-holed! ~105 Permanent Disabilities memory-holed, ~54 Life-Threatening events memory hold, ~210 Hospitalizations gone in just the last two weeks and without proper explanation and accountability as to why?

Spot checking over two thousand reports, I can not find even 10% of a matching duplicate report. More VAERS allows themselves a very generous window of up to four to six weeks time to rigorously verify and authenticate claims/reports…. yet they still need to “delete” reports already published to the public domain?

To date, VAERS has deleted ~10,300 reports with 521 being DEATHS, 815 PERM DISABILITY, 561 LIFE-THREATENING, and 1,720 HOSPITALIZATIONS…

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Source: Vaccine Adverse Events Are Being Deleted In Staggering Numbers For The 2nd Week In A Row On VAERS [VIDEO]

Cancer Doesn’t Grow On Healthy Bodies – Pam Popper, PhD | The Real Truth About Health

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Cancer Doesn’t Grow On Healthy Bodies – Pam Popper, PhD

Pamela A. Popper, Ph.D., N.D.

• Book – Food over Medicine: The Conversation That Could Save Your Life

Dr. Pam Popper is a naturopath, an internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health, and the Executive Director of Wellness Forum Health. The company offers educational programs for consumer and healthcare providers that facilitate evidence-base, collaborative and informed decision making for health-related matters.

Dr. Popper serves on the Physician’s Steering Committee and the President’s Board for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington D.C. She served as part of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s teaching team at eCornell, teaching part of a certification course on plant-based nutrition. She has been featured in many widely distributed documentaries, including Processed People and Making a Killing and appeared in the acclaimed documentary Forks Over Knives, which played in major theaters throughout North America in 2011. She is one of the co-authors of the companion book which was on the New York Times bestseller list for 66 weeks. Her most recent book is Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Can Save Your Life.

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