Protein Doesn’t Matter | Dr. Brooke Goldner |

I was honored to be the keynote speaker at Canada’s Lifestyle Medicine Conference last week. During the Q&A I got asked the protein question, so here is another version of my answer that I hope helped the healthcare providers in attendance feel comfortable that they don’t need to worry about it anymore!

Once again, there is no need to quantify your protein intake for general health or healing. If you are eating enough food, you are eating enough protein, regardless of what you are eating. The only time you see low protein markers in a medical setting is

1) from starvation

2) Kidney failure

3) high inflammation.

NEVER from someone eating plants.

The idea of protein being important comes from marketing companies capitalizing on widely accepted nutrition mythology. Even doctors and nutritionists will lean on this mythology in spite of modern science proving otherwise, which leads people to the wrong foods – like animal products and protein powders which are inflammatory. It’s also a distraction from taking action on nourishing yourself. In my Rapid Recovery Group we see people who come in with low blood protein have their blood protein levels quickly normalize eating on my most restrictive disease reversal protocol, because when their inflammation goes down and kidney function goes up, blood protein markers go up too. It’s just not a real problem. Protein just doesn’t matter because you ARE getting enough if you are eating anything! The real question is how do you get your NUTRIENTS?

If you are trying to get healthy, focus on nourishment – my advice is to use hyper-nourishment.

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