Vaxxed VS Unvaxxed: US Child Vaccines Are POISON Causing Breathing, Neuro & Blood Disorders?

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Source: Vaxxed VS Unvaxxed: US Child Vaccines Are POISON Causing Breathing, Neuro & Blood Disorders?

Your Daily VegInspiration:  There is Complicity… | Dr. Will Tuttle | 10-31-22 – 11-6-22

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The positive revolution – 10-31-22

It is vital that we all contribute to the positive revolution for which our future is calling.

Deeply Questioning Food – 11-1-22

The American roots of deeply questioning food and developing the philosophical foundation for a more compassionate relationship with animals can be traced to the progressive writers clustered around Emerson in Concord in the mid-nineteenth century. Thoreau wrote, “I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals as surely as the savage tribes have left off eating each other when they came into contact with the more civilized.”

Sowing the Seeds – 11-2-22

The desensitizing of millions of children and adults—on the massive scale that consuming millions of tortured animals daily requires—sows countless seeds of human violence, war, poverty, and despair. These outcomes are unavoidable, for we can never reap joy, peace, and freedom for ourselves while sowing the seeds of harming and enslaving others.

Cultivating the Seeds – 11-3-22

Within us lie seeds of awakening and compassion that may be already sprouting.

Our individual journeys of transformation and spiritual evolution call us to question who and what we’ve been told we and others are, to discover and cultivate the seeds of insight and clarity within us, and to realize the connections we’ve been taught to ignore.

As we do this and as our web of journeys interweaves within our culture, cross-fertilizing and planting seeds, we can continue the transformation that is now well underway, and transcend the obsolete old paradigm that generates cycles of violence.

Watering the Seeds – 11-4-22

When we uproot exclusion and domination from our plates, seeds of compassion can finally freely blossom, and this process depends primarily on us watering the seeds and fully contributing our unique journey. We depend on each other, and as we free the beings we call animals, we will regain our freedom. Loving them, we will learn to love each other and be fully loved.

Strong Influences – 11-5-22

The more forcefully we ignore something, the more power it has over us and the more strongly it influences us.

There is Complicity… – 11-6-22

Emerson’s “You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity,” shows the esteemed Concord sage’s ability to make the connections that elude most.

Bronson Alcott’s daughter, Louisa May, wrote, “Vegetable diet and sweet repose. Animal food and nightmare. Pluck your body from the orchard; do not snatch it from the shambles. Without flesh diet there could be no bloodshedding war.” She makes explicit the connection between the violence inherent in eating animals, nightmares, and the nightmare of human violence turned against ourselves.

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THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! | Enhanced Energy Systems | Jason Shurka interviews center owner |

Salt Bath Protocol

The UNIFYD Healing center in Verona, NJ is doing amazing! So many testimonials are coming out of that place 🙂

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New study: A simple nasal wash reduces the risk of being hospitalized for COVID by >8X

Executive Summary

A simple nasal wash with a saline solution performed within 24 hours of symptoms done twice daily for 14 days can reduce the risk of being hospitalized for COVID by 8X.

This is much better than Paxlovid (only a 2.5X reduction if you believe the trial data).

This is much better than any COVID vaccine performs in practice and it’s much safer too.


  1. The entire pandemic response was completely unnecessary
  2. This treatment is still being ignored by every mainstream medical institution
  3. Universities should mandate students do nasal washes after getting COVID instead of taking vaccines.


The article.

The paper: Rapid initiation of nasal saline irrigation to reduce severity in high-risk COVID+ outpatients

Note: I wrote an article earlier on Xlear, which is used to prevent the infection from attaching in the nose in the first place. The nasal rinse is a complementary solution.

Nasal rinses have been known for a long time to reduce the rate of hospitalization and death. This is simplest the latest peer-reviewed study showing that a simple saline nasal rinse with nothing else, is effective against the virus. This would apply to any other virus or bacteria as well, based on the mechanism of action. It’s also extremely safe.


All the pandemic mitigations were unnecessary.

Simply telling newly infected people to rinse their nose with a saline rinse if they got sick would have reduced the hospitalization rates to levels comparable to the flu.

The CDC is still not telling people to do this today even though there is no risk to anyone.

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Source: New study: A simple nasal wash reduces the risk of being hospitalized for COVID by >8X

Dr. Michael Yeadon: The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written

by Dr. Mike Yeadon

Dear everyone, who is nervously looking around and is asking “What the hell is going on?”

I hope this isn’t too controversial. It’s certainly frightening, but I believe we are still on the right side of disaster & if enough of us become aware of what is happening here & everywhere in the democratic world, we can recover the situation. We really don’t have long. I believe it’s likely things will change irretrievably over this coming winter. Hence this urgent and unusual request.

Everything that’s happened and is happening becomes much simpler and it all makes sense, only when you force yourself to think the impossible.


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Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra says all covid jabs must be suspended IMMEDIATELY | Fox News’ Laura Ingraham |

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a renowned cardiologist based out of England, made another appearance in the media, this time with Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham to warn against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.” Malhotra told Ingraham that all mRNA (messenger RNA) injections, including those from Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna, need to be immediately suspended from all further use. The harm caused by the shots is so significantly vast and irrefutable that continuing to administer the shots, he said, amounts to a “global scandal” of epic proportions – watch below:

Source: Cardiologist says all covid jabs must be suspended IMMEDIATELY

Your Daily VegInspiration:  By ceasing to eat animal foods | Dr. Will Tuttle | 10-24-22 – 10-30-22

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We can argue that animals are largely unconscious – 10-24-22

We can argue that animals are largely unconscious, decreeing that because animals seem to lack the complex language that allows them to formulate thoughts in words as we do, their experience of suffering must therefore be less significant or intense for them. This same thinking, however, could be used to justify harming human infants and senile elderly people. If anything, beings who lack the ability to analyze their circumstances may suffer at our hands more intensely than we would because they are unable to put the distance of internal dialogue between themselves and their suffering.

Our herding orientation – 10-25-22

Because of our herding orientation and our unassuaged guilt complex due to the misery in our daily meals, we have warped our sacred connection with the infinite loving source of our life to an ultimate irony: comparing ourselves to sheep, we beg our shepherd for mercy, but since we show no mercy, we fear deep down we’ll not be shown mercy either and live in dread of our inevitable death. We bargain and may proclaim overconfidently that we’re saved and our sins are forgiven (no matter what atrocities we mete out to animals and people outside our in-group), or we may reject the whole conventional religious dogma as so much absurd pablum and rely on the shallow materialism of science. However it happens, our spiritual impulse is inevitably repressed and distorted by the fear, guilt, violence, hardness, competitiveness, and shallow reductionism that herding and eating animals always demands.

Recognizing the insanity – 10-26-22

Recognizing the insanity of our actions and beliefs is the first and essential step to healing and awakening.

By living the truth of compassion – 10-27-22

By living the truth of compassion in our meals and daily lives, we can create a field of peace, love, and freedom that can radiate into our world and bless others by silently and subtly encouraging the same in them.

Who are we? – 10-28-22

Who are we? What is our proper role on this earth? I submit we can only begin to discover these answers if we first take the vegan imperative seriously and live compassionately toward other creatures. Then peace with each other will at least be possible, as well as a deeper understanding of the mysteries of healing, freedom, and love.

By ceasing to eat animal foods – 10-29-22

By ceasing to eat animal foods and thus causing misery to our neighbors, and by practicing meditation and quiet reflection, which can eventually extract our consciousness out of the brambles of compulsive thinking, we can begin to understand what consciousness actually is. We will see that to the degree we can be open to the present moment and dwell in inner spacious silence, beyond the ceaseless internal dialogue of the busy mind, we can experience the radiant, joy-filled serenity of pure consciousness.

So what are we, and what are animals? – 10-30-22

So what are we, and what are animals? Our concepts only reveal our impeding conditioning. We are neighbors, mysteries, and we are all manifestations of the eternal light of the infinite consciousness that has birthed and maintains what we call the universe. The intuitive knowing that would reveal this to us, though, is mostly unavailable because as a culture we are outer-directed and fail to cultivate the inner resources and discipline that would allow us to access this deeper wisdom.

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Original Visionary Paintings & Art by Madeleine Tuttle

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Original Visionary Paintings & Art by Madeleine Tuttle

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No Mandates |

We are a grassroots movement of nurses, teachers, doctors, school bus drivers, firemen, police officers, airline pilots, etc in California who have all joined together in this fight for freedom and religious liberty. We started as separate groups:

One group of nurses trying to find safety in numbers as we stood for our freedom and held on dearly to our jobs and livelihoods

One group of educators, a school psychologist and a teacher who teamed up to unite educators across the state as we fought against a powerful teachers union 

And a group of police officers in Los Angeles, CA where we were and are still currently fighting for our jobs and religious liberties where the city has been firing employees one by one.

As we were busy fighting our separate fights all across California, we stumbled upon each other and an attorney who was willing to help us as we attempted to take on a giant in California.

We began by fighting against forced vaccines on employees and for our religious freedom. We stand for truth, and through this journey we have also met people who have been hurt and exploited by the medical world. Some of the medical fights we are now supporting include victims of Covid protocols that killed thousands in hospitals during the height of Covid, and a victim of the gender transition surgery movement that medical giants are pushing, resulting in surgical and chemical castration/mutilation.

There is still much work to be done, but we feel passionate about being a light in the darkness.  We have been working tirelessly for over a year, have held hundreds of zoom calls, and saved thousands of jobs but are just recently getting around to putting together a website. We will be working to add to our webpage to share about more of the groups we have been fighting for over the past year and the loving people we have met along the way. In the meantime, we welcome prayers and support. There is a volunteer link down at the bottom which you can click if you would like to join this fight.

Source: No Mandates |

Trailer: The Real Anthony Fauci | Only 9 more days remain to watch this powerful movie for free.

[UPDATE 10-23-22:

Well, I wasn’t necessarily planning to email on a Sunday, but events seem to have forced my hand.
The first thing I do in the morning once conscious is to check my email. I know I should have a better morning routine, but there ain’t no changing me now.
And I discovered a bunch of people writing to tell me: I started watching The Real Anthony Fauci last night, but now it won’t work. Is everything all right?
So I checked, and sure enough I had the same result.
I know the filmmakers (one person on the team is a member of my School of Life program, and one of the marketing people helped me launch that program), so I wrote to find out what was up.
Here’s how one of them responded:

We had cloudflare set up to prevent a DDoS attack, we have 12 URLS to roll to (just in case) and…
There was a systematic attack on our SSL certificate. Hundreds of complaints were sent in a matter of minutes, causing the revocation of our certificate.
That takes some power and a great deal of know-how (after digging to find the server).
Luckily, we have an amazing tech team, and we have a new server. SSL is back up.
And now we know how to prevent that happening again.

What kind of a world is this? (I think, sadly, we already know the answer.)
So in case you had the same problem, it’s now been resolved. I guess if they weren’t doing important work, they wouldn’t have to worry about crap like this.
If you haven’t watched it yet, you’ll thank me when you do. RFK, Jr., is keeping the free viewing period open for just a short while longer:

Tom Woods]

It is one of the most awaited movies of the year. Register here now to watch it before the free screening ends: The Real Anthony Fauci – The Movie.

The free screening ends on October 28, 2022. Don’t miss it!

Everyone deserves to know the truth.

During more than a year of painstaking and meticulous research and interviews, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unearthed shocking truths about collusion, deceit and manipulation affecting the freedom, health and safety of our families.

Despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries, and hit pieces against the author, Robert’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” is a New York Times bestseller with over 1,000,000 copies sold.

The book is now available as a documentary. Watch it free until October 28, 2022, and support ThriveOn at the same time by clicking on our affiliate link HERE.

Less than a year ago, we had the honor to be one of the first to interview Robert about his book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” on which the movie is based.
Robert joined Foster on The FREEDOM PORTAL to explore the shocking disclosures of his book. They also discussed strategies for using the rule of law to defend our children and prosecute the global criminals threatening the well-being and the very existence of humanity.

This episode is so important to our future, and the future of our children, that we made it free for everyone to view.

Don’t miss this exciting FREE episode! Watch it free here now: Law and Liberation: Ripping the Veil Off Big Pharma’s Agenda.

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Thank you for watching, sharing and spreading the word!

Source: Trailer: The Real Anthony Fauci