Many Chemicals Are Very Long Lived In The Environment And In Our Bodies | Joanna Malaczynski-Moore | The Real Truth About Health

Many Chemicals Are Very Long Lived In The Environment And In Our Bodies Joanna Malaczynski-Moore


• Book – Silent Winter

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Joanna Malaczynski-Moore is sustainability entrepreneur, consultant, advocate, attorney and acclaimed author to the book Silent Winter and upcoming book Another Way: Navigating toward positive change Silent Winter Our Chemical World and Chronic Illness is about the silent spread of toxic chemicals in our daily lives and their role in the growing prevalence of illnesses such as cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, asthma digestive issues, depression, dementia, and others. The scientific evidence about chronic illness and toxic chemicals is withheld from us through stunningly elaborate efforts so that business can continue as usual. Another Way: Navigating toward positive change is currently available as an online course based on the forth coming book. It is How To guide toward anyone going through a life transition or trying to change our world. Joanna has intimate familiarity with the world creating positive changes towards achieving sustainability.

Her message is that whether the world moves toward sustainability has little to do with how much experience, technology or money we throw at the problem. But rather has everything to do with our own psychology. How we personally navigate and approach the world will have everything to do with whether we end up thriving or end up disappointing ourselves, the world, and each other. Joanna Malaczynski Moore through her writing is dedicated to helping others catalyze positive change and create a more sustainable world. To Contact Joanna Malaczynski-Moore Go to CLICK HERE – To Checkout Our MEMBERSHIP CLUB: