Episode 305: GAIN OF DYSFUNCTION | Del Bigtree & Dr. Drew Pinksy | TheHighwire.com

Celebrity Doctor Drew Pinksy recently invited Del on his show ‘Ask Dr. Drew.’ The result was a spirited & powerful interview covering everything from COVID,  to the missing safety science on childhood vaccines. It was a breakthrough, and Del’s got the highlights.

Then, Jefferey Jaxen breaks down the latest FDA VRBPAC meeting where the failed “flu-shot” fast-track strategy of updating all COVID shots yearly, was being discussed.

Also, Joe Biden has announced an end date for the pandemic emergency…for MAY? We’ll break down what that means and why now.

Did you hear about the Pfizer Whistleblower’s apparent admission that the secretive Corporation is exploring  directed evolution? Nearly 30 million people have already watched the undercover Project Veritas video, and the public wants answers.

Former Eco Health Alliance Executive Dr. Andrew Huff exposes what he believes the origins of COVID-19 to be from someone who was on this inside. You don’t miss what the Wuhan Whistleblower, Dr. Huff, exposes.

Finally, a new champion for all, as tennis great Novak Djokovic wins the Australian Open just a year after he was detained and deported from the country over his refusal to get a COVID vaccine. He put it all on the line, risking everything he spent his entire career building, to stand up for his beliefs, and for his freedom of choice. Del awards Novak the HighWire Hero of the Year!

This, and MUCH MORE, TODAY, 11AM Pacific Time, 2pm Eastern, on The HighWire!

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