Face Masks Help You Raise A Sociopath | Allan Stevo

Reason #90 that Face Masks Hurt Kids

Dear Reader, 

The wearing of a face mask to protect against a respiratory virus is an act of grand deceit. It is a behavior that defies research on the topic. Wearing a face mask, as this article (one of many) points to — is unsafe to do and is ineffective. 

Until the narrative around mandatory masking has changed, each day by 6am Eastern, I will both post here and send out a science-based reason why no one should wear a face mask. 

I ask that you help me circulate these pieces to those around you who you believe could most benefit from them. It is important not to remain silent on this topic. These are important discussions to be having with friends, family members, business owners, healthcare practitioners, public servants, and others in the community. 


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It is unclear why there is increased difficulty in society for face to face communication, but anti-social behavior, as traditionally defined, is on the rise. Discomfort in face to face communication among people of all ages is one of many telling signs of this increase in anti-social behavior.

What is clear, is that a face mask reduces social cohesion between those who are masked, doing harm to the masked and unmasked alike.

Masks create difficulty bonding, learning, empathizing, and communicating. These are the trends of society and key features that distinguish a sociopath from a healthy person.

As previously pointed out, Denis Rancourt of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association writes:

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