Could This Man Have Saved the World? | by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin | America Out Loud | Mar 5, 2023

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On February 2, 2023, Robert W. Malone, MD, finally called for a ban on mRNA and DNA COVID injections — years after many of us had come to the same conclusion.1 But to our shock, we have now discovered that Malone, more than three years ago, had already scientifically proven and published that these COVID vaccinations with genetic mRNA and DNA were too dangerous for human consumption, even experimentally. He never made professional or public disclosures of this information. Meanwhile, the article remained in obscurity until we recently discovered it.

In January 2020, Malone published on ResearchGate an elaborate scientific paper with MIT researcher Darrell O. Ricke as the first author in which the two concluded that all COVID-19 vaccines, including mRNA, were too deadly to be given even experimentally to humans.2 The duo of Ricke and Malone followed this up by submitting the paper to Lancet, and the journal put the article up on its prepublication platform in March 2020.3 The article is still in place today online and has never, to our knowledge, been published in a fully peer-reviewed format.

As Malone became famous, especially among health freedom researchers and activists, he never mentioned the January and March 2020 online publications of the article. As he became a public figure with considerable influence, he never drew professional or public attention to this scientific conclusion that the mRNA vaccines were literally unfit for human consumption, even experimentally. He never disclosed that he and his coauthor had proven this to their own satisfaction in their own laboratory research and in a review of the scientific literature.

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