Almost Blended Salad/ Raw Soup | By Hallelujah Diet | Mar 16, 2023 |

A large heaping salad is a hallmark of the Hallelujah Diet. Basically,  salads are the “meat”. Often, we suggest blending salads so there is practically no chewing and the creamy texture is easy on digestion. However, many folks are not keen on a mushy salad. Another way to cut down on chewing and ensure you are not consuming large pieces, is to process the salad in a food processor. The chunks can be chopped into tiny pieces, yet still retain that exquisite crunch we love. It’s like an “Almost Blended Salad.”


5 or so romaine leaves, torn into pieces
1 cup cucumber, in chunks
½ red bell pepper, stem and seeds removed, cut in chunks
3 celery ribs, in chunks
2 radishes, in chunks
¼ cup chopped carrots
¼ cup walnuts or cashews
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
¾ cup water
Sprinkle or two of unrefined salt
¼ tsp dried dill
2 Tbsp. flax oil


1. Place all ingredients in a food processor with the “S” blade, except for flax oil.
2. Process until ingredients are close to the texture you are trying to achieve (Tiny or small pieces but no mush).
3. Add flax oil and complete processing.

Even though you have done the majority of the masticating with the food processor, it can still be tempting to eat too fast. Continuing to break down the cellular wall of the produce with ample chewing is good for digestion and nutrient maximization. Save the portion you do not eat in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Option: if you typically like a dressing with some sweetness, a tsp. or so of honey or maple syrup can be added. Each person has their own personal favorite salad ingredients.

The water is used so this recipe can also be enjoyed like a raw soup. If you do not want the soupiness, forgo the water. However, the soup version is very good!

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This is a personal favorite of mine! I like to get my vegetables from the salad bar at Jason’s Deli, pulse them in my food processor, put it in my crockpot and then cover with either Pacific or Imagine Organic Butternut Squash Soup or Amy’s Organic Split Pea Soup which also comes in low fat or low salt versions. Yum! Quick, easy, inexpensive, healthy, and very tasty. Cathy C

P.S. Food may be heated to 115 degrees F. to retain nutrients. See this for more information on raw food and temperatures: