The Most Logical Arguments AGAINST Veganism (In 10 Minutes) | Earthling Ed

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TODAY’S VIDEO: Today we go through the most frequently used arguments against vegans, including: 👉 It’s my personal choice to eat animal products. 👉 Animals taste good. 👉 Farmed animals can live a good life. 👉 Animals are killed humanely. 👉 Lions eat meat. 👉 We’ve eaten meat for thousands of years. 👉 Eating animal products is legal. 👉 We need to eat animal products for nutrients. 👉 Animals are bred to be killed. 👉 Plants are alive too. 👉 It’s cultural and traditional to eat animals. 👉 We’re more intelligent than animals. 👉 We’re top of the food chain. 👉 What about human rights? 👉 Veganism isn’t perfect.

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