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You Must See This Incredible TV Advertisement!


The other day I was watching an old interview on YouTube of one of my favourite people: the late American writer, Gore Vidal.

The funny thing is, that during the breaks in this interview, they showed TV commercials that were on national television at the time it was broadcast back in 1990.

And I was shocked by what I saw.

Amongst the various ads, they showed a TV advert for the American Cancer Society, in which a doctor… wait for it… told us that we can prevent 60% of cancers if we (among other things) stop smoking, stop “overeating”, and eat a diet high in fibre and low in fat!

Wow! Did a doctor just say: stop overeating to prevent cancer? Yes, he did!

If you were around in 1990, as I was, this advert wouldn’t be out of place, because we knew that overeating leads to disease, as does a high-fat diet.

If anything, all the scientific data on diet that has been produced in the more than 30 years since this ad was originally shown has only reinforced the fact that overeating and high-fat diets are very likely to cause cancer.

The shocking aspect of this story is that YOU WILL NEVER SEE A TV COMMERCIAL LIKE THIS TODAY, because to do so would be to accuse this doctor of fat shaming – as ridiculous and laughable as that sounds, it is the sad state of the world we live in today.

Hearing a doctor promote a low-fat diet on national TV is also NOT GOOD NEWS FOR ALL THE BIG JUNK FOOD COMPANIES IN THE WORLD – and there are a lot of them, with a lot of lobbying power.

And let’s not forget the fact that no corporate-owned TV channel (which is most of them these days) is likely to accept running an ad like this that discourages eating junk food, thus discouraging the likes of Nestle, PepsiCo, and others from advertising.

And what about Big Pharma? Promoting cancer prevention through lifestyle changes is all well and good, but IT DOESN’T MAKE THEM ANY MONEY BECAUSE THE LESS SICK PEOPLE ARE, THE FEWER DRUGS THEY SELL. So, the truth is that Big Pharma wouldn’t encourage doctors to promote this type of message today either.

This example clearly shows how large corporations, together with corrupt politicians and powerful individuals, are now effectively changing the nutritional message and negatively affecting the quality of life of everyone in the world.

And let’s not forget those ill-informed nutritionists, dieticians, gym instructors, health gurus, and wild Instagram and TikTok “influencers”, who keep telling us that a high-fat diet is healthy? When compared to this TV advert from 1990, they look really ignorant and stupid, don’t they? Because they are!

I was so thrilled to find this lost ad that I extracted it from the original video and uploaded it to my new (not yet officially launched) YouTube channel, so you can see it and judge for yourself how much the Establishment’s nutritional message has changed since 1990.

By watching this short 30-second advert, I hope it is very clear to you that following a high-fibre (ideally fruit), low-fat diet is the ONLY healthy way forward; which is the same message I have been repeating for the last 10 years since I launched my website, although I feel I am going against the grain, as they say, from what most people think about nutrition these days.

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Your Daily VegInspiration: No problem can be solved at the level on which it was created | 5-22-23 – 5-28-23

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The nearly miraculous beauty of cabbages and cauliflower – 5-22-23

We grow to appreciate the nearly miraculous beauty of cabbages and cauliflower, the fragrance of roasted sesame seeds, sliced oranges, chopped cilantro, and baked kabocha squash, and the wondrous textures of avocado, persimmon, steamed quinoa, and sautéed tempeh. We are grateful for the connection we feel with the earth, the clouds, the nurturing gardeners, and the seasons, and the tastes are delicious gifts we naturally enjoy opening to, as we would open to our beloved in making love and appreciating the beloved fully. In contrast, eating animal foods is often done quickly, without feeling deeply into the source of the food—for who would want to contemplate the utter hells that produce our factory-farmed fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, steaks, bacon, hot dogs, or burgers?

When we contemplate our tastes – 5-23-23

When we contemplate our tastes, we can see how conditioned they actually are. More importantly, though, we can see how utterly unsupportable they are as reasons to commit violence against defenseless, feeling beings. Self-centered craving for pleasure and fulfillment at the expense of others is the antithesis of the Golden Rule and of every standard of morality.

Since our culture denies animals value – 5-24-23

Since our culture denies animals used for food any inherent value in their own right, limiting their worth simply to their value as commodities to those who own them, animals have no protection. Ordering a steak earns us approving nods, and our friends rave over the barbecued ribs at the office picnic. The actual confinement, raping, mutilating, and killing are kept carefully hidden as shameful secrets that would make us profoundly uncomfortable if we had to witness them or, worse, perform them ourselves.

The three reasons that we eat animal food – 5-25-23

We can see that the three reasons that we eat animal foods—infant indoctrination, social and market pressure, and taste—reinforce each other and create a force field around our food choices that, like a sturdy fortress, resists any incursions. The walls of the fortress are built of cruelty, denial, ignorance, force, conditioning, and selfishness. Most importantly, they are not of our choosing. They have been, and are being, forced upon us. Our well-being—and our survival—depend on our seeing this clearly and throwing off our chains of domination and unawareness. By harming and exploiting billions of animals, we confine ourselves spiritually, morally, emotionally, and cognitively, and blind ourselves to the poignant, heart-touching beauty of nature, animals, and each other.

To be free, we must practice freeing others – 5-26-23

To be free, we must practice freeing others. To feel loved, we must practice loving others. To have true self-respect, we must respect others. The animals and other voiceless beings, the starving humans and future generations, are pleading with us to see: it’s on our plate.

Ending obesity will remain difficult – 5-27-23

Ending obesity will remain difficult, mysterious, complex, and a losing battle as long as we continue to eat diets rich in high-fat animal flesh, eggs, and dairy products.

No problem can be solved at the level on which it was created – 5-28-23

Albert Einstein was correct in saying that no problem can be solved at the level on which it was created. As omnivores, we must go to another level to solve our problem with excess fat, a level where we no longer kill and confine animals by proxy and consume their fat-laden remains.


We must, if this process is actually happening in us, be drawn toward veganism, and it is in no way a limitation on us, but the harmonious fulfillment of our own inner seeing.

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Original Visionary Paintings & Art by Madeleine Tuttle

There are strong voices in all religious traditions emphasizing that our kindness to other beings should be based on compassion. This is more than merely being open to the suffering of others; it also explicitly includes the urge to act to relieve their suffering. We are thus responsible not just to refrain from harming animals and humans, but also to do what we can to stop others from harming them, and to create conditions that educate, inspire, and help others to live in ways that show kindness and respect for all life. This is the high purpose to which the core teachings of the world’s wisdom traditions call us. It is an evolutionary imperative, a spiritual imperative, an imperative of compassion, and, in reality, a vegan imperative.

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The Most Logical Arguments AGAINST Veganism (In 10 Minutes) | Earthling Ed

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TODAY’S VIDEO: Today we go through the most frequently used arguments against vegans, including: 👉 It’s my personal choice to eat animal products. 👉 Animals taste good. 👉 Farmed animals can live a good life. 👉 Animals are killed humanely. 👉 Lions eat meat. 👉 We’ve eaten meat for thousands of years. 👉 Eating animal products is legal. 👉 We need to eat animal products for nutrients. 👉 Animals are bred to be killed. 👉 Plants are alive too. 👉 It’s cultural and traditional to eat animals. 👉 We’re more intelligent than animals. 👉 We’re top of the food chain. 👉 What about human rights? 👉 Veganism isn’t perfect.

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Is Vegan Regenerative Agriculture the Key to Building a Sustainable Future of Food? | VegNews | by CHARLOTTE POINTING | MAY 12, 2023

Regenerative agriculture prioritizes farming practices that take care of soil health, and it can be vegan, too.

Most of us don’t spare a thought for soil that often. But, the truth is, without it, we’d struggle to survive. After all, it is responsible for growing most of our food. That’s one key reason why it’s incredibly important that we take care of our soil. But the Earth beneath our feet can also play another significant role: tackling the climate crisis.

It turns out, healthy soil can actually pull carbon out of the atmosphere. But, right now, not all of our soil is in a good way. Around the world, soil is being degraded and depleted by agriculture, particularly animal agriculture. In fact, in the US, industrialized livestock is responsible for around 85 percent of all soil erosion.

One solution to reduce the impact farming has on the land is to embrace a technique called regenerative agriculture. But what does this actually mean? And will it involve leaving animal farming behind for good?

What is meant by regenerative farming?

Continue reading on VEGNEWS: Is Vegan Regenerative Agriculture the Key to Building a Sustainable Future of Food? | VegNews

Is There An Overemphasis On Cancer Treatment Rather Than Prevention? | Dr Shireen Kassam | The Real Truth About Health

Dr Shireen Kassam


• Book – Eating Plant-Based: Scientific Answers to Your Nutrition Questions #ShireenKassam #PlantBasedDiet #WholeFood

Dr Shireen Kassam is a medical doctor, professor, and author of the recently published book Eating Plant-Based: Scientific Answers to Your Nutrition Questions.

Despite plant-based diets being associated with some of the best health outcomes, myths about the need for meat, dairy and eggs in the diet persist. In this book, the authors Dr. Shireen Kassam and Doctor Zahra Kassam answer all the commonly asked questions and concerns raised when people first consider transitioning to a plant-based diet.

These two medical doctors (who both specialize in cancer treatment, one in the UK and one in Canada) tackle the frequently asked questions; How do you get enough protein? Is it safe for children? Is soya problematic for hormones? Simple and straightforward answers are supported with the scientific background making this book also the go-to guide for health professionals who are increasingly meeting patients and clients who have chosen a plant-based diet. Dr Shireen Kassam is Visiting Professor in the University’s Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. She is also a Consultant Hematologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College Hospital, London with a specialist interest in the treatment of patients with lymphoma. Shireen’s role at the University is to deliver high-quality evidence-based education in the field of plant-based nutrition. She has developed and facilitates the UK’s only University-based CPD-accredited course on plant-based nutrition for healthcare professionals. Shireen is passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition for the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases and for maintaining optimal health after treatment for cancer. She qualified as a medical doctor in 2000, initially training in general medicine, and gaining Membership of the Royal College of Physicians.

She then specialized in Hematology and achieved Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists. During training, she undertook earning a PhD University of London.

Her research investigated the role of selenium, an essential micronutrient, in sensitizing cancer cells to chemotherapy. She was able to show that supra-nutritional doses of selenium could enhance the action of chemotherapy in the laboratory. She has published a number of peer-reviewed papers in the field of lymphoma.

Shireen discovered the power of nutrition for the prevention and treatment of disease in 2013 and since then has been following a whole food plant-based diet. She has immersed herself in the science of nutrition and health and completed the eCornell certification in plant-based nutrition. In 2019 she became certified as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. She is also a certified CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) practitioner.

Shireen founded the community interest company called; Plant-Based Health Professionals, which can be found at; The mission to bring evidence-based education on plant-based nutrition to the UK.

In January 2021, Shireen co-founded and launched the UK’s first CQC-registered, online, multi-disciplinary, plant-based lifestyle medicine healthcare service, Plant Based Health Online.

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Why don’t vegans eat honey? | Earthling Ed |

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Why don’t vegans consume honey? And is there an ethical and environmentally friendly way to consume honey? #Honey #Vegan


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How Tapping These Points Can Change Your LIFE! | EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique |  Dr. Alan Mandell

This Technique is based on research from Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Tapping on these meridian points can help your mind and body heal. These points can help stimulate healing hormones within the brain. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure points are the physical locations where Qi—or “life force energy” in the body—can be accessed, and pressing on these spots can help release blocked or congested Qi. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure.

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Breaking News

Only 17% of Americans Received Recommended COVID Booster

Only 17% of Americans Received Recommended COVID Booster

May 15, 2023

With the COVID emergency officially declared over, health officials are tallying up the numbers that reflect the pandemic’s legacy. One glaring number they’re shaking their heads at is the report that only an abysmal 17% of Americans…

Florida Governor Signs Bill Banning Vaccine, Mask Mandates

Florida Governor Signs Bill Banning Vaccine, Mask Mandates

May 11, 2023

In a landmark move, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed off on a new Florida law that not only permanently bans mandated vaccines and masks, but vaccine passports and gain-of-function research as well. Dubbed the “Prescribe Freedom”…

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Will Lawsuits Bring an End to the mRNA Shots? | Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola | Fact Checked |


  • Drug companies have a legal responsibility to provide profits for their shareholders. They do not have a legal responsibility to give patients the best and safest treatment. But the biggest scandal is that those with the responsibility to uphold scientific integrity — academic institutions, doctors, medical journals — also collude with industry for financial gain
  • Five hundred Australians have joined a class action lawsuit against the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), arguing the agency did not fulfil its duty to properly regulate the vaccines, which resulted in considerable harm to Australians
  • Australians who have experienced a serious adverse event following COVID-19 vaccination are invited to register for this class action
  • A similar class action is taking place in the U.K., where attorneys representing approximately 75 people injured by AstraZeneca’s shot, and family members of those killed by it, are suing the drug company
  • There’s now overwhelming evidence showing that the COVID shots were a disaster from the start, and that regulatory agencies knew it but went ahead anyway. Now, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is trying to rewrite history by giving provably false testimony before Congress

In the video above, Joe Rogan interviews cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra about Big Pharma’s control over research. What many don’t realize is that researchers who do peer-review of drug company-sponsored trials do not get access to the raw data. All they get is the drug company’s analysis of that data, which leaves the door wide open for manipulation and obfuscation.

As noted by Malhotra, “It’s not scientific, it’s not ethical … and it’s not democratic.” Most doctors, unless they’re involved in the peer review process, are not even aware of this, which is why they rarely ever question published science. Yet data analyses by Stanford professor Dr. John Ionnidis show that “the greater the financial interest in a given field, the less likely the research findings are to be true,” Malhotra says.

No One Protects Patients Anymore

Continued on Source: Will Lawsuits Bring an End to the mRNA Shots?

The Types Of Cancers We Most Have To Worry About With 5G | Dr. Martin Pall | The Real Truth About Health

The Types Of Cancers We Most Have To Worry About With 5G Dr Martin Pall •…

• Book – Explaining Unexplained Illness

#MartinPall #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #ChemicalExposure

Dr Martin Pall is an author. He has a Bachelor of Arts in physics and earned his PhD in biochemistry and genetics from Caltech. Dr Pall was professor of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University and has published on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He retired from that position in 2008 since when he has researched on multiple chemical sensitivity and published papers on the effect of low intensity microwave frequency electromagnetic fields on the human body. He has been a critic of the expansion of 5G mobile phone networks and the use of wireless technology generally, believing the technology has negative consequences for human health. His Book, Explaining “Unexplained Illnesses”, Discovers the answer to the mysteries of these debilitating illnesses

This book provides long-sought explanations for the properties of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), fibromyalgia, and posttraumatic stress disorder. This groundbreaking book examines common symptoms and signs; short-term stressors such as infection, chemical exposure, physical trauma, and severe psychological stress; why people are often diagnosed as having more than one of these illnesses, and approaches for treating the cause of each disease, rather than the symptoms

Explaining “Unexplained Illnesses” provides answers to these questions:

• how do short-term stressors initiate chronic illness?

• how does the biochemistry of the NO/ONOO- cycle produce chronic illness?

• how can the diverse symptoms and signs of these illnesses be generated as a consequence of their common biochemistry?

• why is there so much variation in symptoms from one sufferer to another?

• what are the principles underlying the NO/ONOO- cycle mechanism?

• how does the NO/ONOO- cycle provide explanations for a dozen previously unexplained properties of these illnesses?

• how might 14 additional illnesses/diseases also be caused by the NO/ONOO- cycle etiology?

Explaining “Unexplained Illnesses” is a must-read for physicians and scientists, and for anyone who suffers from-or knows someone who suffers from—these previously puzzling illnesses.

To Contact Martin Pall go to…


• Social Media Channels


Instagram :…



Youtube:    / therealtruthabout…