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From inside our Plant-Strong Meal Planner, it’s not surprising that comfort foods and hearty soups are at the top of most menus this month.

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Smoked Creamy Carrot Soup

Smoked paprika can turn any basic vegetable into a rich, earthy, smoky dish that tastes like it just came off the grill. With sweet carrots, creamy beans and salty polenta, this dish will make you feel like you’re fine dining…by the campfire.

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Quick Italian White Bean Soup

This savory and satisfying soup is perfect for a cold or rainy day or a quick, balanced dinner. The mix of tomatoes, pasta and creamy beans makes for a bright and satisfying meal. Don’t forget the leafy greens!

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Japanese Noodles in Savory Miso Broth

Customize your bowl with extra veggies and baked tofu. We like to add cooked lacinato (or dinosaur) kale to this dish. Feel free to use any Asian noodles: brown rice noodles, buckwheat soba noodles, or udon noodles. Enjoy while its hot!

Families have enough to manage in this ‘new normal.’

Let us help you plan & prepare wholesome, satisfying meals.

“Since March I have worked from home and now, with my three kids in digital learning, I am multi-tasking to the moon. We try to eat plant-based as much as possible, but sometimes it’s just too hard to manage. I purchased the meal planner last month and have quickly accumulated an arsenal of meals that my kids like! And I’m saving them all to my personal “Mom’s Home Run” menu. Thank you! I finally feel in control of this one area of my household and am a super grateful customer.”

-Elizabeth M. from Milford, Delaware

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The Role of Epigenetics in the Obesity Epidemic Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

Amazingly, a baby born to an obese surrogate mother with a skinny biological mom may harbor a greater risk of becoming obese than a baby from a big biological mom born to a slim surrogate.


A few weeks ago, I had a video about The Best Diet for Weight Loss & Disease Prevention. But what triggered the whole obesity epidemic? It’s a multitude of factors, and I covered many of them in my 11-video series on the epidemic:

There are other ways by which we are what our moms ate:

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Beans – A Miracle Of Nutrition | Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Plant Based News

Dr. Joel Fuhrman describes foods that can make a significant difference to longevity – ones with powerful anti-cancer compounds that boost the immune system and contribute to a nutritious, balanced diet which prevents disease more effectively than the pills that imitate properties already found in whole plant foods.

Dr. Fuhrman is president of the Nutritional Research Foundation and a New York Times Best Selling Author. His written works include Eat to Live, Super Immunity and The End of Dieting.

0:52 – Dr. Fuhrman – beans and longevity

1:40 – cancer prevention – colourful foods

5:25 – teaching your body to digest beans

6:08 – fibrous, slow burning fuel

6:57 – resistant starch

8:50 – gut bacteria – ‘the second meal effect’

9:56 – ranking carbohydrates

11:05 – onions

12:13 – myrosinase in raw cruciferous veg

14:51 – alliinase in raw onions

16:24 – prebiotics

17:16 – mushrooms and the immune system

17:40 – angiogenesis inhibitors

20:20 – aromatase inhibitors

21:33 – antigen-binding lectins

22:15 – berries and pomegranates

23:02 – powerful anti-cancer properties

23:49 – seeds – why don’t people know about this?

25:03 – early intervention and preventative treatment

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Your Food Supply Is Willfully Engineered To Make You Fat And Diabetic For The Sake Of Corporate – The Real Truth About Health

Your Food Supply Is Willfully Engineered To Make You Fat And Diabetic For The Sake Of Corporate with Pamela A, Popper, Ph.D., Milton Mills, M.D., Garth Davis, M.D., David Katz, M.D., Brenda Davis, R.D., Joel K. Kahn, M.D.,

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Transformation Tuesday: Nick Berman — Plant-Strong Podcast with Rip Esselstyn

Featuring NY Firefighter, Nick Berman – As seen in “The Game Changers”

Welcome to a BONUS “Transformation Tuesday” edition of the Plant-Strong Podcast! Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to share this inspirational series dedicated to showcasing some of my new friends and their remarkable, plant-strong stories.

It’s our hope that these bonus clips inspire and motivate you because, as you’ll hear, cutting out all the meat and dairy and adopting a whole food plant-based diet may not be easy at first, is massively life-changing from the inside out. Believe me when I say these people are just like you.

You may recognize Nick Berman from one of the climactic scenes in The Game Changers. He, along with other members of the FDNY, had just completed the Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Challenge and Nick was blown away by how far his cholesterol had tumbled. These results ARE typical.

Today, you won’t believe how far he’s come! I hope you enjoy this episode—and the surprise cameo by the one-and-only Jon Stewart!

Episode Resources:

Continue online:

Source: Transformation Tuesday: Nick Berman — Plant-Strong Podcast

“But where do you get your protein?” Free Webinar with Stephanie Spencer! 

Free Plant-Based Webinar

J O I N  U S !

“But where do you get your protein?”

This was the question that always kept me from considering a Plant-Based diet for years.  I  had always enjoyed cooking and appreciated really good food. And I assumed people that followed this kind of diet ate a lot of fake processed meat and dairy products. But then my husband developed pre-diabetes and after a long career as a cardiac RN, I knew it was time for us to take drastic action…. 

I had heard that a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) Diet could reverse diabetes from watching the documentary What the Health about a year earlier.  I had spent decades caring for patients whose quality of life was devastated by chronic disease, the most common of which was diabetes.  It leads to heart attacks, chronic wounds, blindness, amputations, and kidney and heart failure.  In fact, when I ran a heart failure clinic, of the over 200 patients that we managed at any one time, I could just about count on one hand the number of patients that weren’t diabetic.  And what I did for a living (really what we all do in the medical field) is play “whack-a-mole” for all eternity by treating problems that are really just symptoms of a disease-promoting Standard American Diet. 

But after we switched to a Whole Food Plant-Based diet (WFPBD), I came to understand that this way of eating (I don’t even like to call it a “diet” anymore-it just seems second nature now) could also greatly improve and frequently reverse many other issues that become almost universal as we hit middle age and beyond: high cholesterol levels, heart disease, erectile dysfunction,  high blood pressure, lower back pain, gastric reflux, fatty tumors, and weight gain.

My husband and I both lost 20# without even really trying because we were never hungry on this high fiber, high nutrient diet.  And within four months, we rechecked Paul’s bloodwork and his pre-diabetes was reversed!

So now we enjoy foods like bean and mushroom chili, air fried potatoes, delicious smoothies, hearty oatmeal with fruit and nuts, and delicious new Mexican, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean and Indian dishes. Even mouth-watering desserts like pumpkin or banana ice cream, black bean Mexican chocolate brownies, and more! We eat much more exciting food now than I ever used to cook before, and enjoy the health benefits of finally maintaining a normal body weight without effort, and with no evidence of any chronic disease.  Turns out, instead of taking the “whack-a-mole” symptom-management approach with drugs, interventions, and surgeries, it is just so much more effective to treat the cause!   

After seeing Paul’s amazing health transformation, I went on to get a

Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition, and now I want to share

this life-changing information with everyone!

So click below and join me in a free live webinar to learn how you can transform your health for good by treating the cause instead of the symptoms!

Be well,


Stephanie Spencer, RN, BSN

Certified, Plant-Based Nutrition

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Cornell University

V I S I T  O U R  W E B S I T E


G E T  I N  T O U C H

Natural State of Health, Plant-Based Wellness


Source: “But where do you get your protein?”

Determining The Healthiest Diet Is Harder Than You Think – By Author David Katz

Determining The Healthiest Diet Is Harder Than You Think – By Author David Katz 
David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM is the founding director (1998) of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Past-President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and Founder/President of the True Health Initiative. Katz earned his BA degree from Dartmouth College (1984); his MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1988); and his MPH from the Yale University School of Public Health (1993).
He is the founder (2016) and CEO of Diet ID™, an innovative, scientifically-validated, image-based tool, powered by Diet Quality Photo Navigation, that helps improve diet and healthy behaviors. The tool is being used by doctors, nutritionists, food companies and wellness organizations.
The recipient of many awards for his contributions to public health, Dr. Katz has received three honorary doctorates. He holds 5 US patents, with others pending. He invented the research method known as “evidence mapping” and is the principal inventor of the Overall Nutritional Quality Index (ONQI™) algorithm.
In 2018, Dr. Katz was selected as the new Chair for the annual Art & Science of Health Promotion conference. He was nominated for the 2019 James Beard Foundation Journalism award in Health and Wellness. He has authored roughly 200 peer-reviewed publications, many hundreds of health columns both on-line and in print, and 16 books to date including leading textbooks in both nutrition and preventive medicine. Dr. Katz is recognized globally for expertise in nutrition, weight management and the prevention of chronic disease. He reaches a social media following of nearly one million.
Connect with The Real Truth About Health: http://www.therealtruthabouthealth.com/
Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction. Please support the sponsors of our conference http://www.therealtruthabouthealthcon…

Is Lab-Grown Food the Future? — Pros and Cons to Consider | Ocean Robbins


Beef burgers, veggie burgers, and now… lab-grown meat? You may have heard rumblings that cultured meat — made from animal stem cells — may become a mainstream consumer option soon. Is it true? And if so, is it a good thing? What is lab-grown food? And should we be preparing for it to change the food system as we know it?

Since 2013, lab-grown food — and specifically cultured “clean meat” — has been gathering increasing attention and funding. The first-ever lab-grown burger was created in 2013 by scientist Mark Post, a professor of tissue engineering at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. It garnered press interest when it was eaten and reviewed by two food critics at a London news conference. While lab-grown meat isn’t available commercially just yet (it will likely hit shelves in 2021), it’s clearly been in the works for quite some time.

Plant-based meat alternatives, on the other hand, are available now and have become very popular in the last five years. Today, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat products are sold in restaurants and grocery stores around the world, sometimes even fooling meat-eaters into thinking they’re chowing down on actual beef. And there’s a long tradition of veggie burgers made from peas, soy, beans, grains, mushrooms, and vital wheat gluten, which may not attempt to fool the palate so much as provide a hearty, tasty, and convenient alternative to “real” burgers.

While the conversation about switching away from conventional meat to alternatives has taken on new urgency recently, it actually dates back to the 1970s, sparked by a book called Diet for a Small Planet. The author, Frances Moore Lappé, wrote about the negative effects of industrialized animal agriculture on the planet, sparking discussion about necessary changes to the food system for a more ethical and sustainable world.

The Future of Food?

Fast forward to today, and scientists and entrepreneurs are looking at ways they can mitigate the environmental impacts of factory farming and animal agriculture. Many researchers and thought leaders are encouraging people to eat less meat to reduce their impact on the planet. The authoritative medical journal The Lancet published a 2019 report advocating a largely plant-based diet as the basis of a more equitable and sustainable world, as well as one with far less chronic disease. The authors argue that if everyone in the world switched to a diet that included half the amount of red meat and sugar than the Western diet typically does — and instead based their diets on fruits and vegetables — we’d leave future generations with a more stable climate and a healthier planet, while approximately 11 million fewer people would die annually from preventable causes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted problems in the food production system, especially involving the meat industry. Meatpacking plants turn out to be a great way to spread a virus. Some have even been forced to close because so many of their workers were getting sick. Owing in part to supply chain disruptions, and in part to changing consumer sentiment, meat consumption has dropped. The drop is so noticeable that experts have predicted that “pre-pandemic” meat consumption numbers won’t bounce back until 2025 (if ever).

With the disturbing realities of the meat industry entering public consciousness at the same time as a global pandemic that apparently came from an animal, the question of lab-grown meat has become timely. Is it the way of the future? Is it a safe, ethical, and cost-effective way to provide meat to the public? Or is it just another idealistic fad, entrepreneurial wild goose chase, or dangerous biotechnology? Let’s take a closer look at what lab-grown food is and what it may have to offer.

What is Lab-Grown Food?

Continue reading …

Source: https://foodrevolution.org/blog/is-lab-grown-food-the-future/

GUEST ARTICLE: Fauci-Funded Chinese/US Research Led to COVID-19

All Suspicions Confirmed
by Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin

The Chinese government now has the unlimited ability to keep manufacturing pandemic viruses

Four scientists, led by Li-Meng Yan (MD, PhD), who recently escaped from Communist China, have released a pre-publication paper[i][1] in which they confirm the direct relationship between the Fauci-funded research and China’s ability to create SARS-CoV-2.

Although the scientists do not name him, their work shows that research funded and politically supported by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of NIH’s Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, led directly to the ability of the Chinese to engineer SARS-CoV-2 and to causing the COVID-19 pandemic. For many years, Fauci paid for and encouraged multiple research projects, at least two involving US researchers collaborating in making deadly viruses with China’s notoriously insecure Communist-run biowarfare facility in Wuhan.

They also confirm that the military-controlled Wuhan Institute now has the world’s largest collection of coronaviruses extracted from bats—which constitutes a threat of further accidental releases and/or outright biological warfare. By supporting Wuhan and its researchers, Fauci helped put the entire world at risk for the current pandemic and for future ones.

We first published about Fauci’s dangerous activities on April 15, 2020 when we issued a report and released our video[ii][2] confirming that he and his institute were funding collaborative research between Chinese and US scientists on manipulating SARS coronaviruses. We suggested that this work potentially led to the laboratory creation of SARS-CoV-2 and the pandemic.

Within 48 hours of our report about Fauci’s funding joint American/Chinese projects to create epidemic viruses, President Donald Trump cancelled funding for the heinous project. Unfortunately, Fauci remains Director of the Institute, despite being a Chinese collaborator and now scientific leader of pro-lockdown political forces that are dismantling our economy and suppressing our individual lives.

Understanding Dr. Yan’s New Scientific Paper The term RBM refers to receptor-binding motif—the part of the virus that hooks to a receptor in human cells to allow the virus to enter the cell to cause disease. RBM is the part of SARS-CoV-2 that makes it so infectious and potentially deadly to humans. The first paragraph in the quote from Dr. Yan’s scientific article (below) summarizes the basic finding of their research paper that the RBM of SARS-CoV-2 did not originate in nature. The paragraph then cites research (their citations 44-47, see details in the Additional Notes below) to indicate that this Spike protein (the RBM) has “repeatedly” been used in laboratories to create “human-infecting” coronaviruses of non-human origin. Two papers[iii][3] [iv][4] involve direct Chinese/American collaborations on building epidemic viruses.  Those two papers involved US/Wuhan Institute collaborations with acknowledgements that funding for the research was provided by Fauci’s Institute.

The second paragraph in the quote from Dr. Yan’s scientific article (below) states that the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been working on studies to make these “human-infecting viruses” and specifically cites the paper that originally disclosed to us this tragic Fauci-funded US/China collaboration that led to COVID-19.[v][5]

The Yan et al. paper then warns that the Wuhan Institute possesses “the world’s largest collection of coronaviruses.” It follows this with a chilling observation that there is no longer any “technical barrier” to the Chinese altering these viruses into infectious ones through “engineering” the virus to give it “gain-of-function,” that is, the ability to infect humans. This means that the Chinese have at their scientific fingertips the unlimited ability to keep manufacturing pandemic viruses.

Here are the paragraphs from the Yan et al. scientific publication that we have been interpreting:

While the above evidence and analyses together appear to disapprove a natural origin of SARS-CoV-2’s RBM, abundant literature shows that gain-of-function research, where the Spike protein of a coronavirus was specifically engineered, has repeatedly led to the successful generation of human-­infecting coronaviruses from coronaviruses of non-human origin.[vi][6] [vii][7] [viii][8] [ix][9] Record also shows that research laboratories, for example, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), have successfully carried out such studies working with US researchers45 and also working alone47. In addition, the WIV has engaged in decades-long coronavirus surveillance studies and therefore owns the world’s largest collection of coronaviruses. Evidently, the technical barrier is non-existent for the WIV and other related laboratories to carry out and succeed in such Spike/REM engineering and gain-of-­function research. P. 10

Fauci’s Self-Serving Misdirection on the Cause of COVID-19 In a recent “scientific” article[x][10] in Cell authored with one of his assistants, Fauci directly lied, claiming that the COVID-19 emerged from nature on its own and not from laboratory tinkering. Then he did more than ignore his own role in funding the engineering of coronaviruses with China, he blamed us—you and me, humanity—for causing the virus by disrupting nature:

Infectious diseases prevalent in humans and animals are caused by pathogens that once emerged from other animal hosts. In addition to these established infections, new infectious diseases periodically emerge. In extreme cases they may cause pandemics such as COVID-19… Disease emergence reflects dynamic balances and imbalances, within complex globally distributed ecosystems comprising humans, animals, pathogens, and the environment. Understanding these variables is a necessary step in controlling future devastating disease emergences.

This may be one of the most colossal misrepresentations in the history of the human race—the man most responsible for enabling the Chinese to engineer SARS-Cov-2 in their Wuhan Institute is blaming COVID-19 on humanity’s indiscretions in nature instead of his own nefarious activities in the laboratory. Working with China, Fauci himself has funded and promoted taking viruses out of nature and engineering them to become pandemic viruses; but now he wants us to take his advice on transforming human activity in nature to make it less disruptive! Fauci is the Great Disruptor, whose work enabled China to unleash COVID-19 on the world.

Time for Us to Act President Trump and the US Congress, as well as the American people, need to know that Anthony Fauci funded research that unleashed COVID-19 upon the world. In addition, this Fauci-funding has enabled China to possess the largest store of coronaviruses in the world, along with the technology to continue turning them into human-infecting agents. It is time to fire Fauci, to investigate this entire disaster, and to consider what needs to be done to protect the US and the world from future Communist Chinese pandemics, whether accidental or intentional.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. We thank Dr. Zhengli-Li Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology for access to bat CoV sequences and plasmid of WIV1-CoV spike protein. Research was supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and the National Institute of Aging of the NIH under Awards U19AI109761 and U19AI107810 (to R.S.B.), AI1085524 (to W.A.M.), and F32AI102561 and K99AG049092 (to V.D.M.). Human airway epithelial cell cultures were supported by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease under Award NIH DK065988 (to S.H.R.). Support for the generation of the mice expressing human ACE2 was provided by NIH Grants AI076159 and AI079521 (to A.C.S.). p.3053 (bold added) Dr. Zhengli-Li Shi, who provided critical material for Menachery et al. 2016, was a coauthor of Menachery et al. 2015, confirming the close relationship between the American and Chinese researchers.

[xi][1] http://breggin.com/coronavirus/The_Yan_Report.pdf

[xii][2] http://breggin.com/coronavirus/The_Yan_Report.pdf

[xiii][3] Menachery VD, Yount BL, Debbink K et al. “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.” Nature Med 2015 Dec;21(12):1508-1513

[xiv][4] Menachery VD, Yount BL, Sims AC et al. “SARS-like W1V1-CoV poised for human emergence.” PNAS 2016 Mar;113(11):3048-3053

[xv][5] Menachery VD, Yount BL, Debbink K et al. “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.” Nature Med 2015 Dec;21(12):1508-1513

[xvi][6] Becker MM, Graham RL, Donaldson EF et al. “Synthetic recombinant bat SARS-like coronavirus is infectious in cultured cells and in mice.” PNAS 2008 Dec;105(50):19944-19949

[xvii][7] Menachery VD, Yount BL, Debbink K et al. “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.” Nature Med 2015 Dec;21(12):1508-1513

[xviii][8] Menachery VD, Yount BL, Sims AC et al. “SARS-like W1V1-CoV poised for human emergence.” PNAS 2016 Mar;113(11):3048-3053

[xix][9] Ren W, Qu X, Li E et al. “Diffetece in Receptor Usage between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus and SARS-Like Coronavirus of Bat Origin.” J Virol 2008 Feb;82(4):1899-1907

[xx][10] Morens DM, Fauci AS. “Emerging Pandemic Diseases: How We Got to COVID-19.” Cell 2020 Sep;182:1077-1092

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We have seen significant evidence showing that the “end game” is mandatory testing, contact tracing, and vaccines with technology allowing law enforcement to determine who is and is not permitted to leave the house, shop, work, or go to school.

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